Fleas!!! Omg 😲 how???

Today I woke up at 6am done my hair and make up got Angelica off too school Edward was eating angel cake for breakfast. My partner came down from bed he starts work at 1pm late shift this week. Just as he sat down he picked up bibble our dog what’s that he said. Ewww yes bibble has fleas. How? He hasn’t been around other dogs. I pay 40pm to the vets for this super duper flea stuff. Well I’ve been ripped of. We all jump in the car and head to pets at home spend £40 on flea stuff when I get home Edward and I take the dogs to the garden with the flea shampoo we turn on the hose and wet bibble we are both soaked bibble ran away we chased him i felt like Ild done a full body work out then I threw my rug away from my living room dogs are not allowed up stairs but I hoovered my whole house bleached wooden floors and doors and just about everything you can. Bleach sprayed all fabrics with some flea stuff picked up Angelica and walked the horrible dogs to make it worse I took the hoover apart after each room just to be extra safe and hit the bridge of my nose with it. I went to the shop got a new dog bed new mop and more bleach my partner got in at 8:30 and cooked dinner as I was still washing bedding. I then went through a amended ehcp (education health and care plan) I had revived for Edward it’s still a work in process but they are giving in slowly the local authority and their stupid budget I sometimes wonder why we bother paying taxes when you have the benefit scrounge rather with everything and I have to fight to get Edward in a school it makes me furious maybe if I lived in a council house Ild get it quicker maybe if Edward punched kids and swore at teachers this process would be much easier

It’s now 1 min passed midnight. Oh the school I went to view yesterday and they have a space in Edwards year. Edwards dad and I are going to a second viewing in two weeks.

Eye opener

Today I got confirmation my son was to be in a school with classes under 20 children. This is bitter sweet as from year 2 at school we have known he was different he is now 11. Today we saw a specialist school for asd Edward has asd.

I looked around to see one couple both in glasses, one lady with her parents, one couple with two children a older girl and a boy the boy you could tell he was the reason they were looking around. Myself my mum Edward my son and Angelica my daughter. We looked around classrooms 12 to a class all looked well. We went into the library and as the lady showing us around was talking she was looking at Edward could she see he was asd? I thought no you can’t tell by looking at him she can’t possibly know. But this kept happening she could tell and I can’t notice it I can’t believe it’s that obvious I began to sweat everything in my body stopping the tears from rolling down my face. I dropped to the back of the crowd of parents I just wanted to leave scream why??? Will Edward go to uni will he have a career all she mentioned was collage why not uni will Edward be able to have a successful career??? At the end we all sat around a table and the lady with glasses asked what are your sanctions for bad behaviour? The lady replied if the behaviour is a direct result of the asd they can’t punish but try to teach another way.

My body filled with anger my son has been punished since year 2 in school because he was different.

I’m now at home I’m not sure how to feel Edward is helping Angelica 8 to do a poster on the digestive system for school Edwards not at school ATM until we find the right place I’m refusing to send him. Are all parents blind to disability? I know his different I just can see it by looking at him.